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Judkins Marketing Group

About Us

Judkins Marketing Group was established by internet entrepreneur, Buck Judkins. When first established in 1999, the company owned and operated over 20 internet companies. Today, the focus is on one company, Ticket Distributors.

20 Years of Marketing

When Judkins Marketing Group first started in 1999, the internet was just coming of age. Google was just then gaining traction, and the internet was becoming more popular for businesses. In 1999, not many of the medium size businesses were doing business on the internet, and many of them did not even have a website or have a domain name yet. Getting to start out 20 years ago, when the internet was wide open, has helped us become more knowledgeable in marketing products and services for success. They say, "if you do something long enough, you become an expert". Fast forward to today, if a company does not have a major web presence, they are lost in the shuffle and losing ground to their competitors.

Looking to the future

The future for Ticket Distributors looks encouraging. After 20 years of operating internet businesses, we have learned what it takes to be successful from internet selling. Today, Ticket Distributors has become one of the largest online ticket outlets.


Keller, TX 76244


Buck Judkins / President
Michelle Judkins/ Owner